Cheat-Mod Finder Compass for Minecraft 1.7.10 - 1.17.1

Cheat-Mod Finder Compass for Minecraft 1.7.10 - 1.17.1

As soon as you install the Finder Compass mod, an unusual compass will immediately appear in the game (literally, the Compass Finder). This is a fairly simple and primitive mechanism that will search for valuable ores for you and indicate their location with a certain color arrow (redstone ore — red, diamond - blue, and so on). Consequently, this modification greatly simplifies the search for ore. Unlike the mod or resource pack xray, this method is not so cheater. Since with xray you can see through all the ores, and here you will have to travel in the direction of the compass arrow and eventually the ore will be found. Also, using this compass is a little difficult and the search distance is not too large. Once you install the Finder Compass cheat mod, you won't see anything new at a glance.  In fact, this cheat compass is built into a regular one. To activate the cheat, you need to hold down the Shift + LMB key combination.

Features of the Finder Compass Cheat mod:
  • This cheat is less cheating than xray, since it does not display the ore itself, but only indicates its location with an arrow.
  • The cheat helps a lot in finding diamonds and other valuable ores.
  • Changes are made to the vanilla compass in the game, rather than creating a separate cheat compass.
  • There may be several arrows on one compass, respectively, you will always see which specific ores are near you.
How to install the Finder Compass cheat mod on Minecraft 1.7.10 - 1.17.1:
  1. Download and unpack the archive using the WinRAR or Zip program;
  2. If you have Minecraft open, you need to close it;
  3. Click Start, enter %appdata%/.minecraft/mods in the search bar;
  4. If you do not have such a folder, then you need to create one;
  5. Transfer the file .jar with replacement close all windows;
  6. Run Minecraft necessarily with the postscript Forge.
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