Sea of Thieves Cheat - External ESP v3.0.0

Sea of Thieves Cheat - External ESP v3.0.0

An indispensable companion for any player who wants to cheat to play much better and simplify the game. External ESP cheat for Sea of Thieves will allow you to see enemy pirates, animals, ships, and most importantly - treasures behind any textures in the game. In addition, the name of the player, as well as the distance to it, will be displayed in different colors.

At the moment, the cheat is not detected by anti-cheats, you can safely play and not be afraid that you will be banned.

The cheat has a convenient menu in English. You can select any of the functions, change them, or turn them off at will.

How to use:
1. Turn on the game
2. Set the game to windowed mode
3. Enable cheat
4. Insert = menu

Works With Steam and Xbox Versions

Edit date: Vanced - 15-11-2021, 23:30
Reason: updated new version

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