Rainbow Six Siege Cheat - Unlock All

Rainbow Six Siege Cheat - Unlock All

I post a new modification, with which you can unlock the elite skins of R6 Siege for free and this is not a cheat. With this mod for R6 Siege, you will unlock all the elite skins in the game in a few taps. As long as this is not a cheat, but just an upgraded file, then you will NOT GET a BAN and you can easily use this modification. I highly do not recommend using any cheat or macro with this modification, so as not to arouse suspicion. Have a good game!

How to use:
1. Turn On the game Rainbow Six Siege. Check what skins are available for a particular weapon or operator. Example:
Attention. After the whole process, entering the operator means removing the skin to the weapon and the operator. Set all sights, barrels, etc. before the skin changes. See point 8 for more information.

2. Remember the skin you want to set (take a screenshot). Get out of the game.

3. Turn Off BattleEye. To do this, in the "start parameters of the game" paste /belaunch -be. Write it down.
5. Turn On Rainbow Six Siege. To run the downloaded file, you need to have the cheat engine installed. Click the monitor stamp (under the "File" tab). From the "applications" category, select Rainbow Six. Keep the current address list/code list? Click YES. Select the square at "Unlock all."
6. Select skins. For weapons from the example we have as many as 180 skins, please note that we will save only those available. Find the skin you are interested in, select it, save it. After setting the skins, exit the game.
7. Turn the program off. Remove the startup parameter. The end, congratulations you have skins. You can quietly start the game and enjoy skins online.

8. After point 7, if we enter the operator in the tab "operators" skin to the weapon as well as the operator will be removed. Therefore, you need to set the sights, etc. before Item 2. If in the game, during the operator selection phase, we enter the weapon of this operator, the skin will also be removed.

9. Confirmation that it works:
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  1. KaYoZzdxdsdOffline26 November 2022 22:17
    how i install it

  2. Le_beast__Offline8 November 2021 15:32
    it needs update

  3. Le_beast__Offline6 November 2021 17:59
    its outdated
  4. valpacOffline3 October 2021 21:21
    Why my game crashe pourquoi mon jeu crash aubout de 2 sec
  5. bt 分身Offline5 May 2021 15:01
    It no longer works for me