Combat Arms: Classic NoRecoil / Chams / Speed Hack

Combat Arms: Classic NoRecoil / Chams / Speed Hack

Many people want to play with cheats in the game Combat Arms, but not everyone has access to working cheats for this wonderful game. So today we will present you a new working cheat for Combat Arms. We provide all the information about installing, configuring, and directly downloading cheat programs to your computer, ensuring their quality and performance

In modern times, Combat Arms attracts more and more people to its multi-game community, because the project itself is a cult online first-person shooter. Since the game is free, then the cheats for it can be downloaded for free. Administration we present to your attention working cheats for combat arms, proven by years of online battles in Combat Arms.

How to use?
  • Our cheats work on all Windows OS, you will need to download a special injector for installation, namely - Extreme Injector
  • Enable Injector as Administrator
  • Drag the cheat library to the injector
  • Select process "engine.exe" and set the options as below
  • Turn On Combat Arms: Classic
  • The Menu in the game is under the INSERT key
  • Moves
    • Speed Hack
    • Jump Hack
    • Fly hack
  • Visuals
    • Chams
    • Remove Fog
    • Remove Flash
    • Remove Texture
    • FullBright
    • Player Glow
    • Hide Gun
  • Weapon
    • Activation Distance
    • RapidFire
    • Teleport Gun
    • No Recoil
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  1. droms1992Offline28 April 2021 11:40
    the hack doesn't work ....