Roblox hack - RedLine

Roblox hack - RedLine

RedLine is a cheat-injector that allows you to activate custom scripts for Roblox. The cheat itself has its own library with scripts for popular places like Jailbreak, vehicle sim, phantom forces, and so on.

The cheat is safe and does not contain viruses, but at the first injection into the roblox process, it is better to disable the antivirus for a short time.

Advantages of the RedLine cheat:
  • The cheat is relevant, and the developer constantly improves the api for a comfortable game without crashes.
  • It has its own library with scripts. You can also connect your own cheats.
  • The cheat is completely free.
How to install Cheat Red Line:
  1. You should download the archive with the RedLine_v3 cheat.
  2. You need to unzip the folder to any place convenient for you.
  3. Launch RedLine_3.5.exe.
In order for the cheat to work correctly, you just need to disable the antivirus during the download and the first launch of the injector, thus you will protect yourself from unnecessary errors when installing the software.

Do I get banned for cheating?
Definitely not. The cheat is absolutely safe, and the anti-cheat of roblox does not swear at the work of redline. But there is always a small chance, which can only increase if you play aggressively with the cheat.

For the same injector, few people were banned in principle.
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  1. wfsefwfwfwrtgseszfOffline18 November 2021 05:05
    how do i download and is this app a virus?

  2. Koltyn HensenOffline24 September 2021 09:13
    um what do i click to launch it
    1. VancedOffline24 September 2021 13:31
  3. Abdelrhmanb50Offline8 May 2021 12:42

    1. VancedOffline8 May 2021 13:13