Roblox Big Paintball script hack

Roblox Big Paintball script hack

Big Paintball is a special mode made for Roblox. It was created by a player known by the nickname BIG Games. The mode was released in July 2019. Since then, it has been played by more than 100 million players worldwide. The mode is still being updated and the script for Big Paintball has already been released.

In Big Paintball, the user will have to play pinball. This is a full-fledged game where you get a weapon that shoots paint balls. The main task is to shoot at the enemies, killing them. The winner is the one who gets the most points. At the same time, there are different ways of playing inside the mode. For example, there is FFA, where the user only plays for himself. There are also team versions of the game, where the winner is not a specific user, but a team.

The game provides a huge amount of weapons and equipment in general. You can install special turrets that will kill players at a certain point on the map. At the same time, each player has 4 unique abilities of their own. They are reloaded every time the player commits a kill. You can see the recharge directly on the screen.

Script function:
  • Aimbot / Speed / ESP / Fast Fire / No Drop / Force Auto


If the script does not work, then it may already be outdated.

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  1. elkoOffline28 September 2021 19:30
    Elo nie mogę nic pobrać nara
  2. peenisOffline11 July 2021 23:44
    is this safe?

  3. OldSkoolBoy8000Offline24 May 2021 02:16
    and how is the dll data?