Blox Fruits - Roblox Promo Codes

Blox Fruits - Roblox Promo Codes

Blox Fruits is a great mode for the Roblox universe, which was released into mass availability in early 2019. Since that time, it has been visited more than one billion times. These are some incredible numbers. The most pleasant thing about this is that they will only continue to increase, so the codes on blox fruits will not lose their relevance.
Activate all codes as soon as possible, as they can expire at any time.
Working promo codes for Blox Fruits
Right now, there are quite a lot of fully functional codes in this game. Among them, you can definitely distinguish:
  • UPD14 — multiplies the experience twice by 2 hours.
  • 1Billion — as in the first case, increases the experience.
  • ShutDownFix2 — increases the experience, but by 40 minutes.
  • Sub2OfficialNoobie — multiplying the experience by 20 minutes.
  • BIGNEWS — provides an opportunity to acquire an internal currency.
  • TheGreatace — increases the level of skills.
  • Pointsreset — resets the accumulated points.
  • Sub2Unclekizaru — resets the accumulated statistics.
  • Sub2Noobmaster123 — increases the level of existing experience.
It is recommended to use this list of opportunities to gain an advantage over your rivals.

This mode provides an opportunity to become a fencing master or a really strong player in the fruit universe. To achieve this task, you will have to fight not only with the most dangerous creatures, but also conduct really large-scale trips across the ocean, while searching for various secrets. Simply put, it is made in the style of adventure and has collected all the good things that are in this genre.

Non-working promo codes
There are also a number of codes in this game that have lost their relevance. This may change in the future, so you need to know them:
  • Update11 — increase skills.
  • Sub2Daigrock — increase skills.
  • Axiore — is an additional experience.
  • TantaiGaming — is an additional experience.
  • Fudd10 — gives you one dollar at your disposal.
  • Update10 — resets the existing statistics.
  • Control — experience.
It is sometimes recommended to try to enter them. Perhaps they have started working again!

Where to enter the codes?
To activate them, you need:
  1. Click on the blue Twitter button located in the corner of the screen.
  2. A special window opens where you will need to enter a command.
  3. Click on "Try".
If there are no problems, then everything will definitely work out.

Where can I find new codes for the Blox Fruits mode?
At a minimum, you can contact:
  • To the developer's social networks;
  • To sites that are dedicated to the Roblox universe;
  • To the video on the Youtube platform.
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