Shoot Out - Roblox Promo Codes

Shoot Out - Roblox Promo Codes

Shoot Out is a game that invites the user to participate in a shooting game. You will need to destroy your rivals in PVP or PVE formats. There are quite a lot of modes here, but the general meaning does not change: you need to take some weapons under your strict control and use them to destroy different rivals. Right now there are dozens of types of weapons, each of which is unique and has certain characteristics.

The main goal, as such, is not here. In this, it is similar to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and its counterpart in the Roblox universe! Moreover, the player will be able to participate in the battle in a variety of locations. It can be either the Wild West or an ordinary city. Depending on this, the tasks that will have to be taken on will vary.

What they give



10 gems
10 gems
300 gold
300 gold
10 gems
300 gold
300 gold
300 gold
300 gold
500 gold
150 gems

Where to enter the codes?

How to make money?
This game, like any other, has its own coins. The economic part of the conflict is built from them. All the currencies available here look like this:
  • Gold — standard coins that can be earned upon successful completion of the battle. They are spent on buying a new suit, weapons and opening cases with them. The initial stock can be obtained through codes on shoot out.
  • Robux — is a common currency in this world. It is bought for real money and gives you the opportunity to use unique improvements, including: an increase in the earned gold twice, VIP status, double weapons, and so on. The list may turn out to be really extensive, but there is no point in it.
In general, the mode will not provoke the user to regular financial influences, and this is definitely good!
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