Splitgate TriggerBot (Color Based) + Stream Proof

Splitgate TriggerBot (Color Based) + Stream Proof

Earlier, we published a Triggerbot for a new popular game - Splitgate, but that version required downloading additional programs and did not work so well. These days, we released a new cheat for Splitgate, which does not require additional programs and works just by running it.

Triggerbot cheat allows your weapon to automatically fire a shot when pointing at an opponent. The most common mistake with this type of cheats is the confusion of the trigger with the aim. Aim allows you to automatically aim the sight and you need to make a shot yourself, by clicking the left mouse button. Immediately, you yourself need to find the enemy on your sight - the cheat code will do the rest for you.

This type of cheats is suitable for players who suffer from a reaction problem. If you are frightened by an opponent who suddenly jumped out, the program will make a fatal shot for you, you will have time to hover the cursor in 99%, even if the enemy has crept up from behind.

This "gain" is rarely used by players. The trigger is the fingers of a gamer, mostly experienced Splitgate users have a click on the shot honed to automatism and they clearly do not want to violate the rules of the game because of such a petty cheat.
  • Menu Key - Insert
  • Stream Proof - End
  • Performance - Home
  • Toggle - F1
  • Humanize - F2
  • Draw Fov - F3
Needs Fullscreen borderless
Don't works on melee/fists weapons

Requirements (for Rewritten v1.2):
Uncheck - Show Sprint Crosshair
Change all weapon crosshair to "Dot"
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  1. f1creingOffline6 September 2021 21:29
    detected will get insta banned