Cheat for Standoff 2 - Modmenu v0.12.6

Cheat for Standoff 2 - Modmenu v0.12.6

Modmenu v0.12.6 is a set of different features that will allow you to change the course of the battle at any time and get a lot of advantages over your opponents. Among them are:
  • Endless ammo. If you enable this option in the settings of Modmenu v0.12.6, you will shoot from any weapon without spending ammo;
  • Double the experience. The function is suitable for those who want to quickly upgrade their account and get the appropriate rewards for it;
  • Autospam in the chat. When this option is enabled, the cheat automatically starts spamming the chat, preventing other players from communicating with each other. You can't say that this is particularly useful in combat, but sometimes it can be useful;
  • Ban Bypassed. The Standoff 2 rules state that if a user's account is blocked for cheating or other serious violations, they will no longer be able to log in to the game. But thanks to the Ban Bypassed function, you will be able to bypass the lock and play from the profile from which you received the ban;
  • Telekill. If you were killed by an enemy and you want to take revenge on him, turn on this option in the cheat menu and you will be instantly teleported to him;
  • Wallhack. WH - one of the most popular cheats in various shooters. With it, the player can observe the movement of members of the enemy group through any obstacles. With the wallhack enabled, you will see the highlighted silhouettes of your opponents and get the opportunity to plan your actions in advance. Using Wallhack allows you not only to avoid a surprise attack, but also to always attack first, thereby improving your statistics in the match and increasing the overall reputation of the account;
  • Change the speed of movement. Thanks to this option, the player can control the walking speed of his character on the map. Speed adjustment is available both before the start of the fight and during the match;
  • The ability to be reborn immediately after death. After death, you have the opportunity to immediately return to the battle and continue the battle;
  • Enabling auto-rebirth before death. If you are left with little health (less than 33 units), you will instantly be reborn on the respa with a full supply of XP;
  • Free movement on the map (Flyhack, pass through walls, walk under the map). This feature enables free movement on the map through textures, through the air and underground. At the same time, you continue to shoot at enemy heroes, and they can not choose you to target.
Overall, Modmenu v0.12.6 is one of the best cheat collections for Standoff 2. However, it also has its drawbacks, for example, it does not have an AIM bot (auto-tracking of the shot). Also, users occasionally complain about the drawdown of FPS, departures and the lack of the ability to shoot during the jump.

Hack Modmenu  will only work if you install it on your mobile device according to the instructions. To start using the cheat, you need to perform the following sequential actions:

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