VALORANT | Triggerbot, RCS, AutoShot

VALORANT | Triggerbot, RCS, AutoShot

A new working and up-to-date cheat on the well-known online game VALORANT. Today you can download a completely new cheat without a ban on Valorant from the developer of hacks cocaine666 together with the developer obscxrxd. A universal cheat with features that will add additional features to your game. You will be able to adjust your shooting, recoil and aiming level of the scope.

Using the TriggerBot function and the Shift key, you can automatically adjust your shooting and aiming using the computer, hold down the Shift key while shooting and enjoy perfect accuracy. Additionally, you can use the RCS (Recoil Control System) function by enabling the INSERT button.

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Comments 8

  1. yyy111Offline26 June 2021 12:33
    can you update the cheat? I really want to give it a try

  2. TofazyszSztalinOffline24 April 2021 23:21
    1. Kenshi454Offline27 April 2021 06:05
      How to use this cheat
  3. DodoOnPcOffline14 April 2021 01:55
    what do i have to do
    to get it into my game?

  4. MightyOffline9 April 2021 18:40
    doesn't work

    1. GODOffline13 April 2021 07:33
      worked or me 
      1. Hazim AfifOffline20 April 2021 16:09
        How tell me please
      2. EspinosakenOffline23 May 2021 02:54
        How bro tell me pls