Valorant Bhop Script

Valorant Bhop Script

Bunnyhop for Valorant is a kind of cheat that will allow You to easily jump out and reach any position faster than your opponent.
Many players do not know how to jump well on their own – this script will help in this case, it will be simply indispensable in competitive games to get to any position on the map faster than anyone else. We guarantee that You will not get banned for using this script, since the script does not change the game files at all and is not embedded in the game engine, You only need to run a program called AutoHotKey and add a script to it for springing.

How to install and run the bhop script for Valorant?
  1. Download AutoHoyKey from the official website and install
  2. Download the script from our site
  3. Unpack the archive with the downloaded script, you will need the WinRAR program to unpack it, you can easily find it on the Internet.
  4. After installing the program, you need to run the script itself with a jump, to do this, right-click on the file ‘Auto-BH.ahk’ and select ‘Run as Administrator‘ (this is important, otherwise the script may not work).
  5. Go to Valorant and check the script's performance
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